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I have a 1989 Chrysler Lebaron GTC for sale, in USA - Washington.

Mileage: 141000 miles
Engine Size: 2.2L T2

Asking price is $1500

This has been my daily driver for a while now, but I've fallen on hard times and need to sell it. It's an '89 Lebaron GTC, factory T2 car, A555 5-speed transmission. The engine was rebuilt about 40k miles ago and the transmission is strong. The clutch only has a few thousand miles on it as well. The interior is in good shape. Since these pictures were taken I have removed the factory stereo, but I still have it. The speakers are blown, however. The tabs are current.

The only deviation from stock is the blowoff valve and K&N cone filter setup. The filter needs to be cleaned. Recharge kits cost about ten bucks at the parts store.

It also has brand new front struts, ball joints, and outer tie rod ends. In addition, the front driver's side hub assembly and CV shaft have been replaced. It also has brand new front tires. The rears have a decent amount of tread left on them. After all these parts were replaced I had the front end aligned.

Now for the bad:
The clear coat is coming off and the car could use a repaint. There are a few areas of minor body damage as well, but the car is structurally sound and all damage is cosmetic. Also, there is a small hole in the passenger side CV shaft, so it leaks grease. I patched it with RTV sealant, which seemed to help somewhat.
Also, the engine runs a little bit rough. It has new plugs, PCV valve, fuel filter, etc, but the roughness is still there. It's probably the O2 sensor or a vacuum leak. Nothing major for someone who knows these cars.

This is a good car with excellent acceleration and handling. It's very fun to drive, but it just needs a little TLC.

My name is Dan, and I can be reached at the phone number listed below. I live in Suquamish, WA.


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