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Status: Clean Title

I have a 1989 Chrysler Voyager for sale, in USA - California.

Mileage: 202K miles
Engine Size: 2.5 Turbo

Asking price is $3500obo

Seller Information: Mike Lenhardt
Phone: (714) 504-1502
Email: [email protected]

-1989 Voyager 2.5 turbo 5 speed (555) manual minivan.
-obx limited slip 2 wheel fwd, installed and improved by Cliff Ramsdell
-lightweight ~2900lbs in current state. More details follow, but custom fiberglass front bumper, plastic interior and under-dash removed. Lightweight battery, A/C + heat removed. Factory carpet removed, with lightweight matching carpet in place
-Interior plastic panels rear of the front seats have been removed, but sheetmetal side panels riveted on and painted to match interior. Massive storage and increased payload, as it is essentially stripped out on the interior other than the front seats. Great as a parts car/home improvement/etc.
-ability to move 8 people when needed. Both rear seats included, in great shape with seatbelts.
-average fuel economy gets 28 mpg mixed city/hwy
-roughly 300whp/over 300wtq
-low radar signal, ie cops don't pull over an appliance.
-low cost of parts/maint.
-you cannot lose a race. Sure someone could smoke ya, but they could never brag to their friends. "oh hey I smoked a $#!tty minivan on the way over here."
but when you win the loser HAS to sell his car. Seriously, could you live with your elise/boxter/350z/s2000/rx7 once you got smoked by a $#!tty minivan?
-20 psi boost on the street daily for the last 7 years.
-DAD racing seats(generic Sparco Torino II’s) in the front

Powertrain: Factory 2.5 with balance shafts removed and oil port blocked, (See extras below: also have a forged internal motor, with big valve head, and 88tbi cam, ARP head studs, needs a new bearing) . A555 trans built by Cliff Ramsdell, with obx lsd modified for reliability and installed by Cliff, new shift cables. ECU reprogrammed by turbos Unleashed stage 4, 3 bar MAP, Turbos Unleashed cast iron header manifold, 3” swingvalve, 3” side exit exhaust, gutted cat, with Dynomax Ultraflow straight through no loss muffler (truck sized so nice and quiet), t3/t4 hybrid 50 trim turbo (cold side powdercoated black for stealth), Powerstroke diesel intercooler (the big one) with synapse BOV, Mallory ignition with Aurora plug wires. Have always run synthetic and high quality filters.
Fuel: walboro 255, increased size feed, and return, rising rate fuel pressure reg in factory location, +20 fuel injectors currently, (+40’s also avail).
Body: Sanded through factory peeling clearcoat, removed emblems, shaved/welded antenna + hood emblem+rear hatch holes, shaved, and smoothed roof rack, catalyzed primer, rolled on grey enamel (with UV) finish (could be smoothed more have more of the enamel). Powdercoated satin black door handles and lock cylinders. Satin painted wipers, front grill, and headlight bezels. Pizza cutter wheels also satin black with relatively new 225/60/15 Kumho performance tires, satin black bumpers with front bumper and braces custom molded in fiberglass. HID non projector headlights, Battery relocated to fore of passenger tire. Installed lawn mower battery for last 6 years (replaced 1x for $25). Medium tint on all windows but windshield. HID headlights in standard housings IIRC the color temp is 8k.
Interior: Factory gauge cluster with tach! Integrated boost gauge and AFR gauges to look factory. Jeep CD/tuner headunit works great, with hidden antenna and all 4 factory speakers work well. Underdash LED lighting strip. Doors have been modified to remove the factory crank system and replaced with race-style straps. Interior plastics and headliner have been removed and replaced with painted/riveted sheetmetal. DAD reclining racing seats are comfortable and not torn. Factory carpet removed and replaced with lighter matching carpet, dynamat sound deadening under front seats. Eagle talon steering wheel.
Most every general maintenance thing that can be replaced on this van has been replaced, possibly even twice. Off the top of my head that includes tires, brakes (F+R), ignition switch, relays, doors, waterpump(s), Motor mounts are all the hi performance urethane ones, axles, bearings, mirrors, windshield,
- FWD performance forged internal motor, with big valve head, and 88tbi cam, ARP head studs, spun a bearing otherwise in great shape with no miles.
- extra camshafts, one performance grind and another 89 turbo factory cam, various spare sensors, window brackets, ignition coil, plug wires, etc.
-+40 fuel injectors run for a couple thousand miles, then swapped out when I went with the adj. fuel pressure regulator.

Bad: No BS, anything I can even think of will be in here, no surprises for the buyer:
-trans makes a “click,click” noise in reverse, does not affect functioning in any way, and has done this for ~1 year
- intermittent 1/10 times starting system does not fire when cranked. Starter, relay, wiring, flywheel have all been checked, could be ignition switch? Car will always start if rolled forward a foot, and started again.
-turbo has started leaking some oil. Likely need new seals.
-paint looks good from 10 ft, but closer shows it was rolled on, could be massaged, but wears well and looks good enough for me.
-Slider door lock sticks, and sometimes won’t lock/unlock.
-notable ripple ~8” long in driverside window tint, the rest of the tint is perfect.

Located in Orange county, So. Cal. I have owned this van for 8 years, but I have too many cars, one has to go. Therefore not interested in trades.


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Still have it available. Starter was replaced, and ground was tightened up. Fires up every time now.
2995 without extras!
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