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1989 daytona es steering column issues

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ok so i just got my tona es about 4 days ago. nice ride. however the guy that i got it off did some whacked stuff to the steering column. things arnt completely hooked up correctly. some parts are even missing. ive parked the car till i can get it fixed. but i need to know what cars to target at the junkyard. does anyone know what cars share the same steering column? ive heard lebarons do. any others??? i appreciate any info. thanks
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I believe g-body is about it for an exact replacement.
hollander interchange says:

DAYTONA 89 Floor Shift; w/tilt wheel

LE BARON 89 Floor Shift; w/tilt wheel, 2 Dr


DAYTONA 89 Floor Shift; w/o tilt wheel

LE BARON 89 Floor Shift; w/o tilt wheel; 2 Dr
Same year Daytonas&Lebaron coupes and verts parts except sheet metal are for the most part identical or interchangeble.I use higher end Lebaron interior parts for looks.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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