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Status: Clean Title

I have a 1989 Dodge Caravan SE Turbo for sale, in USA - California.

Mileage: 222500 miles
Engine Size: 2.5 L

Asking price is $2500.00

89 Dodge Caravan 2.5 Turbocharged engine +.030 JE Forged Pistons full floating pins HD bushed rods for full floating pins, Hasting Rings. Piston clearance is set at.003 as per manufacturer (piston slap till it's warm) -.010 rods -.010 mains on reground crank, block and head crossdrilled at web between cylinders and Mopar performance headgasket for crossdrilled application. The balance shaft has been removed and the oil supply for it pluged. The baffles in the pan have been removed as they harbor contaminents that foul oil and also decrease the volume of oil. It runs good but has the ECU for calif. It has a turbo boost guage and I have seen it on an up hill climb for some unknown reason jump to 15 lbs of boost for 5 seconds then back to around 5 lbs at just half throttle. It pulls great at 15 but it's not in the Calif ECU program to do that as far as I know. The paint is peeling the headliner has a few spots saging body is good with a few little dings Rear hatch needs new lift struts won't stay up. AC worked till charge went low. It served us well It was my wifes car she says she does not drive fast. I have tried to follow her and all I saw was a cloud of dust.
Premium Gas only


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