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I have a 1989 Dodge Daytona ES for sale, in USA - Pennsylvania.

Mileage: 115000 miles

Asking price is $1400 obo

First let me state this car has not been legally put in my name. I have the title (normal, not salvage) with the PO's half filled out and notorized, but my half was never done. I was told by the notory that something they should have filled out isnt? Anyway ive lost contact with the PO, and am at a loss on what to do here... 1989 daytona es 2.5 turbo 5sp. 115,000mi. Original turbo was replaced by the PO with a t1 style garrett, I had to adapt a mitsu actuator to work, as there was none. Ive done hardly anything to this car, it needs a paint job badly. It does run, ive taken it around my block once, but as stated, the legal stuff has prevented me from really driving it. The red interior is in ok shape, there is no headliner, and the power switch for the seat is broken. PO also has a narrowband, and boost gauge above the spot for climate control. The only solenoid still on the car is the baro, the others have been replaced with resistors to advoid CEL. Theres also a solenoid on tge firewall for the MBC, and a switch on the console to go from high to low. Theres a little rust in the floor, nothing major its a suprisingly solid car. If any interest simply PM me. What id LIKE is $1400. Im open to offers. Reason for selling is I found a neon I want to jump on, and I dont have the patience for the legal stuff.


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