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But not as clean as the red one with all the posts lol.

Dustin S. Hoffman
Mt. Joy, Pennyslvania (central PA)
Cell: (girlfriends) 717-823-1942

before this officially goes up for sale I want to make sure everything on it is buttoned up (re-install back seats, install/adjust shifter cables and install the full turbo-back exhaust) but Id like to see if anyone is interested at the moment.

2900 OBO.

75k MI on body 0MI on trans, 10k on motor (est.)
Power Steering
Power Door Locks
Power Windows
Digital Gauges
A-568 Transmission swap
Custom CAI
Turbos Unleashed 3" Swingvalve
Turbos Unleashed 3" Downpipe back exhaust w/ 3" Dynomax Bullet muffler
DUAL 3-way speakers all around
Turbonetics in cabin boost controller
T03 Turbocharger
2.2L Turbo Mazerati engine internals
New A-568 shifter cables
New clutch
New pressure plate
New Flywheel
New CV Joints
New steering column ball joint
New spark plugs
New starter
New battery
New Tires
4-Wheel alignment
seat covers, floormats, steering wheel cover & CD holder incl.
Coolant flushed/filled
oil chaged
Stock parts incl.
Spare digi-dash incl.
Sunpro Supertach
APC Boost gauge
Rear window louvers
good rear hatch shocks
Crapload of other new parts, looks like almost everything but the body has been replaced! lol


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Seats are mint, however the Tonas off the market for a while. Ive been driving my grandmothers vehicle till I got another DD but now I have to return it as shes gotten rather ill which means the Daytona is gonna have to be my DD till I can get something else. I will write down contact numbers and contact you both upon the re-sale of my vehicle. Unless I get too used to driving it again...

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Alrighty ladies and gentleman. This car HAS to go, This being said, I will also tell you Ive put over 3k into this car, not to mention all the new parts from the previous two owners its practicly a brand new car!. The official BOTTOM LINE PRICE IS $2500 AS IS. ORRRR I can get the rebuilt trans (0mi) rebuilt AGAIN and it should be ok. HOWEVER, I will tack on any cost of this work to the asking price. 3" Turbo back exhaust and EVERYTHING I OWN for this car including a recently aquired 28x7x2.5 2.5"in/out FMIC, 8.5mm wires and HO Coil is INCLUDED. I cannot list all the parts/repairs/modifications and I probably couldnt give them all to you on the phone either but I do have a categorized list (2pgs) of new parts! The ONLY things I am taking FROM this car is my aftermarket boost gauge/controller, head-unit (dodge neon factory stock will be in its place) and CB RADIO as it was my great grandfathers. Please contact me if you are seriously interested only. Again, I can only go as low as $2500! oh yea Ill be taking the seat covers as theyll actually be needed in my next car (stealth RT TT)

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This is not a T-top car, as it appears in the pictures. Does it have a sunroof?

What is wrong with the transmission? The original post only indicated shaifter cables needed installed/adjusted.

About how far are you from the beautiful sun kissed southern shores of Lake Erie where I reside?

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recieved the trans in a rebuilt status. once it was installed it failed to move into any gear, its basicly stuck in reverse. The person who rebuilt this transmission is willing to pay for damages/shipping if it proves to be their fault, otherwise its on me, or in this case the buyer ( I wouldnt charge them full price of what I payed obviously). It just sucks because the car was quick and ran very strong before the 555 took a dump. With the 568 giving even a little trouble this late into the game the car just has to go. I need something drive-able 5 months ago :p so Im throwing in the towel. Thanks for reminding me btw the origonal 555 comes with as well as its shifter and cables. Im located in central PA, probably 3+ hours considering it took me about 2 to get to NJ border from where Im at. OTHER than the transmission the exhaust needs installed and uv got a car with new motor/trans/exhaust ect...

EDIT: I must appologize if the pictures appear missleading? NO this is not a T-TOP car. No holes in the roof whatsoever.
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