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1989 Dodge Daytona

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I have a 1989 Dodge Daytona for sale, in USA - Virginia.

Mileage: unknown km
Engine Size: 2.5 TBI

Rock bottom price-$700

Daily driven T-top needs a home. Paint is primer-ish due to fade, plastic trim on door tops needs replaced. Interior is fair cloth, dash is perfect.
5-speed and great clutch. Driven short hops and long distances.
New windshield just installed early summer. ($300, ouch)
My annoyance list that you need to know is:
Power mirrors never worked, and windows are sluggish (original regulators)
One of the belts squeaks
Suspension squeaks (new rear shocks and big R/T swaybar)
AIC needs cleaned i think, idle takes awhile to settle
A/C hardware is there, although no belt and i never tried it.

I bought this from the original owner, who took great care of it.
Passing the torch to someone who needs to get to work/ restore it's beauty or turbo swap...
Oh, and you can't have "Shelby", the Mopar mascot cat, lol!


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Has the usual e-brake pass-through rust, and half-dollar spot at spare tire well.
Update on interior, so you have a mental picture.
Two items inside will need addressing in the future
: The seat started breaking down this summer (cloth), and
both kick-plates (the long plastic ones) shattered into pieces upon re-installation. Easy fixes for both to someone with a little time at the yards..
bump, it's just sitting out there- I'm having an affair with the Shelby Daytona, so not driving it as much... :dancing:
rumpa-dump bump
Lowered price to rock bottom, really don't want to scrap this. -Still drive it quite often.
bump, it's just sitting out there- I'm having an affair with the Shelby, so not driving it as much... :dancing:
you're having an affair with your cat?
falcon punch! TTT :dancing:
War cry! :jason:
Judo chop! :bang head
almost time to pull motor/trans and scrap
No love for a non-trouble, err, i mean non-turbo car pffft.
Non-speeding ticket Daytona! :eek:
i would like to have this for the wifey she likes my 91 iroc this would be good for her but the trip will cost alot, if u can come down a little more i would like to save this car so it dont die, can u text me at 575-626-0112
Daytonas ARE harder to find every year- they crush them FAST everywhere i have been. The good part is this one is not a carcass or shell, and on it's 2nd owner. :D
Only way i can come down is by switching to the "no so great" reddish ground effects. I doubt anyone would want it like that? :shrug:
I'm willing to purchase, but timing won't let me get there until after Thanksgiving!!!
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