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1989 Dodge Spirit ES 2.5 turbo

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It's a sad day for me. I'm passing on what has been a project for me (sometimes more in my head than in reality) for several years as I have finally realized I don't have the time to spend on it that i'd really like.

Photos of my Spirit

It's a great machine with a whole lot of potential and some upgrades along the way but it needs someone's attention (It is located just east of Atlanta, GA).

- Upgraded turbo from Forward Motion when I purchased it (I've probably put less than 10,000 miles on the car since i've owned it).
- Forward Motion sourced automatic transmission with reverse manual valve body
- New head and gasket
- Full 3" exhaust (from downpipe to tailpipe - including working cat & muffler)
- Rear air shocks
- Air conditioning was removed (the correct A/C delete alternator bracket was sourced) along with headliner. Additional weight savings were never completed.
- Trip computer removed and replaced with a custom aluminum bracket (what a beefy piece of aluminum this is) for three 2 1/4" gauges. I had plans to replace all the stock gauges with autometers but again - it was a project that never fully materialized.

When I bought the car, it had black spray-painted interior trim which has all been replaced (tried to match the color though there are some pieces which are gray rather than tan). The only remaining element of the spray painted trim is the center console storage bin.

As you can see from the photos, there is the usual paint peel which has now developed surface rust on the hood and roof. There is also some rust in the spare tire area of the trunk which I have photographed.

The car starts right up when jumped (dead battery it appears) but it sounds like the power steering pump is squeeling. I have also replaced one window motor, but it looks like a couple of others will soon be needed as well.

I will be removing the aftermarket radio that is in the car and replacing it with a stock infinity cassette that I had kept. I also have a whole bunch of items to go with the car if interested. Please note, that I am not going to be parting the car out as I don't have the time to spend to do that nor do I want to dismember this vehicle that I loved and very much enjoyed driving!

Asking $1200 OBO
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Updated the listing with a price, sorry about that.
if it were closer.
how close to savvannah are you? does the car currently run/drive?
Turboshelbys: I am about 4.5hrs from Savannah (outside Atlanta).

djd: Sorry, don't know how I missed the PM. Sent a response. If I get a chance, I'll get a video of the car running.
DId this car used to be around the Snellville area in hte late 90's? When I lived in Lawrenceville and had my 91 R/T I used to see a white ES every once in a while.
Nope, at that time it was in the Baltimore/DC area.
Would she be up to a cross-country drive? Does the 2.5 have a block heater in it by chance?.....

Cheers, TheCanadian
If it runs and drives and could make it to MN i would be interested.

BTW what stage is the turbo?
It has been run and driven for short drives periodically but for the past 4-6 months hasn't really moved so I wouldn't trust driving it that kinda distance.

It is a hybrid Garrett turbo that was purchased from FM before I got the car so I unfortunately don't have the specs on it. I'll try and find out more if I can.
Would you consider lowering the price? I don't like the look of the rust on the inside of the roof...
Would you consider lowering the price? I don't like the look of the rust on the inside of the roof...
If you would lower the price i would still be interested.
That isn't rust on the inside of the roof...that is remnants of the board from the headliner. As the ad says "OBO". So any reasonable offers would be considered.
I need to find a new home for the car pretty quickly - lowering price to $600.
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