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1989 Dodge Voyager - $Best Offer

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1989 Dodge Voyager - $1200 or best offer

Category: Domestic
Status: Clean Title

I have a 1989 Dodge Voyager for sale, in USA - Pennsylvania.

Mileage: 248,000 miles
Engine Size: 4 Cylinder

Asking price is $1200.00 or best offer

Hello, I'm a forum member and a TD fan.
I am in a bit of a quandary.
I will also post this to the lounge about either asking for local help in fixing the van, or selling it, here us the selling portion of it.

It's a 1989 Plymouth Voyager Turbo with Factory 5 Speed.

Color is Black Cherry with a repainted top. Red Interior with cloth buckets.
Manual windows, except the back pair.
And this is an actual factory 5 speed. Not a swap over.

It starts up every time, and does NOT Smoke at all.

I cannot get the finances up to get it fixed and on the road, as I had been laid off. My landlord has said for me to either fix it or get rid of it.

I had gotten the mini from the previous owner when the rear axle housing snapped. I had it towed to my home, where it has sat since I picked it up.
However, with my job loss, and no chance of getting a replacement rear axle housing, I am putting the ad out.

NOTE: The van starts, but it cannot be driven, so it must be towed.
I really wanted to have a TD or TM to drive around, but it is just my luck I find my van, but have to sell it as I don't have the means to fix the Minivan.

I can be reached by email, and I will call you with the details about it.
[email protected]

Any questions? I'll answer to the best I can.
I also have a Youtube video about it, so if ya wanna see it, i'll post the address if the admins will allow it.

Note, if i can get help in perhaps saving the van with another member's help, I will post it in the lounge section and here the van was saved. If the van gets sold, I will post it was sold.

Thank you all for looking,


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PLease post a price. Forum Rules
ok Posted price, my mistake.
There is a slightly larger rust area in the passenger wheel well too. The body itself has hardly any rust, but the top coat has come off.
I checked the front wheelwells as they are rust free.
Its the rear wheel arches , mainly the passenger one here.

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Heres a video of the van...

Ill post pics of the 2 rust spots when I get back from store later today...

OK for some reason I am trying to send updated pics to the ad showing the rusty areas, but I did send a private message to djd's turbo with pics enclosed.

Thank you

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Link is coming up 'not found' for me. Can you try again? Thanks. djd.
Ok redone the pics for ya all, and seen there was no rust in the front wheel wells, but only in the rears.

And thank you for allowing the Youtube link. The van is still sitting in the same place.
I wish you lived closer to me so I could help you fix that van.
Hate to see you have to sell it.
I drive a '89 Voyager SE turbo van daily and love it to death.
Good luck with the sale and hopefully your luck will turn around.
Well all I have news, the van is sadly gone.

The job market has been a cruel one, and I just could not afford to keep the van and fix it. The previous owner got a friend lined up and took the van, and might redo it sometime, or save it for a project car and race it.

I don't know who it is or anything further than that. My apologies to everyone for not replying sooner, as the deal was just done yesterday.

If I try to find another TD I'll be certain it is road worthy and does not need a lot of work.

I miss the van already.

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