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I have a 1989 Other Plymouth Horizon for sale, in USA - Florida.

Mileage: 10x000 miles
Engine Size: 2.2L TBI

Asking price is $400obo

Here she is in all her glory. A 1989 Plymouth Horizon, 2.2L automatic, complete with deluxe 13" wheels and house paint painted over with spray paint in some areas, and simply peeling in others. The driver's side fender for some reason has near perfect original paint though.

But, The BAD first:

It has house paint and dents everywhere. Whoever had it beat the body to crap.
It needs 3 door handles...the driver's door is soon to need one. The rear driver's door won't open at all.
It leaks oil like its cheap and uses water/antifreeze (probably a headgasket) but, doesn't use it too quickly. I've driven it 30 miles and its still full.
Its leaking said oil from the valve cover, might throw a gasket in for the hell of it.
The power steering doesn't work...I filled it up, I think it leaked that too.
The power brake booster (I guess) is leaking vacuum...I unhooked it and plugged the hose, and besides the stiff pedal, the vac leak sound went away. May just be the hoses under the dash...idk.
My tractor probably makes more torque.

Besides that...it isn't that bad...now for the good....

It runs excellent, I've put about 30 miles on it around my neighborhood and it actually runs great. Its slow, but, thats because its a TBI 2.2 with an automatic transmission behind it...lol
It has 4 pretty decent 13" tires :p
The grill is actually in one piece.
The interior is actually in pretty decent shape. The seats have wear, but, no holes anywhere. It has the usual l-body interior issues...and has a carpet out of a Dynasty in it.

And....the best of all and why the car is even worth selling...............

It has no rust. Not a lick of it...anywhere. The floor is still as shiny white as it was new. Its solid as can be.

So...I see this car having some potential just because of that.

1. Throw a headgasket in it and maybe a maaco paint job...have a nice cheap daily driver.
2. Yank all of the GLH specific parts off that rusty hulk of an Omni that you have and swap them over to this car. As I said...not a lick of rust. And, its a whole lot easier to fix dents then rust. The floor is good...the bottom of the doors are good, the underside...besides oil splatter...looks clean as can be...good thing about Florida.

So...as I said...it has its problems, plenty of them. It looks like a load of lard, and handles like so. But, it runs good despite its headgasket issue, and would be great transportation or a great platform for swapping your GLH stuff onto.

Anything you want to know about it, ask me and I shall tell. I have nothing to hide. If you want more pictures...email me and I'll get some to you. Want them of something specific...specify in said email. The paint looks horrible, I'm going to be 100% honest. The driver's side looks half decent from about 50ft away, but, thats because I spray painted it white over all the peeling just to make it look better from my road so my dad's house didn't look too bad...haha. The passenger's side is just the previous owner's house paint job (why one would do that is beyond me)...spray paint would look better if time was taken. (which...I'm going to warn you...I really didn't)

I'm going to get some detailed pictures of it tomorrow. The engine bay actually looks very nice despite the outside's appearance. The interior isn't half bad either. Hell, even the sill plate screws came right out. I have never seen that happen. My 1998 Ram even gave me trouble.

Also, hope you like my personal touches of the black grille, black wheels, black bumpers, and red brakes. :) They all actually have time put into the painting of them...haha.

But, the car is located in Englewood, Florida on the west coast, about halfway between Ft. Myers and Sarasota. My number is 941-214-0014. Call me after 3pm any weekday besides friday, and anytime on the weekends and I'd be happy to tell you all about it. If you're close, you can drive it around the block, a few times (I live in an area with no other houses and a bunch of empty lots and vacant streets :) )

But...better hurry...I'm thinking about filling it up with gas, and, if I do that...price goes double...haha.

And, if the car gets sold for the asking price before I get time to clean the garage...it comes with another set of seats in very good condition.


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