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1989 Plymouth Voyager- $150 (parts?)

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1989 Plymouth Voyager
-2.5 turbo
-216k miles
-fair body
-ok interior
-PA inspection till Aug/05

I have a couple pictures, in my opinion, it would be best for a parts donor. You get a common block, a413, mini van disks, wire harness, and computer. Plus other fun things to try porting like a 782 head, intake manifold, exhaust manifold. In the meantime, it would make a great storage shed. I'd just like to to be gone at the moment. The township is starting to take notice.....

Location: Summerville, PA 15864 (Northwestern Pennsylvania)
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Do you have any pics??

Thats all I can find at the moment, I'll grab some pictures Sunday.
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Looks like mine when I bought it except for the running boards. If you were closer I would be really tempted.
Too bad you're so far away, I'd come pick it up.
It runs, but not like it should. It sat for a couple months over the winter, so the gas is probably bad. I swapped out distributors in a hurry, so that probably needs tweaked a little. The shift linkage needs adjusted, transmission is in reverse when the indicator says its in neutral.

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Surely someone out there could use a spare block and a413 to build up over the summer. Do your christmas shopping early, buy yourself a spare motor to build up over winter.

Buy Buy Buy
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