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I have a 1990 Chrysler Plymouth Horizon for sale, in USA - Oregon.

Asking price is $600

I got this car from a guy on these forums, and don't have room or time for it at this time. The car is not running the motor was pulled. selling the car plus some after market goodies. The bodies over all is in good shape and the interior is in good condition, GLHS big brake kit "Rotors calipers and proper brake master cylinder" Dash partly torn apart. Two gauge pod on left A pillar. Includes a plethora of extra gauges not installed. Car was modified with wiring harness from 93" SMEC system.

Full 2.5inch turbo's unleashed exhaust. Has NOS GLH front struts that were installed. Aftermarket steering wheel. Drivers seat is not bolted down for freedom of movement playing with gauges. 17" wheels "one is missing a tire "with a set of stock tires and steel rims all with good tires. The stock steel rims no longer fit on the front due to the brakes.

Comes with a stock 2.5 Turbo motor out of an 1989 caravan. not installed.

The trans is inoperable, not really sure what is wrong with the trans i was told the previous owner tried to rebuild it but didn't have any luck.

Also comes with a big bucket of misc intercooler piping exhaust tubing,extra intake manifold

I'm sure I'm forgetting to list some stuff, I'm open to negotiations but i would like to sell this as a whole lot not really interested in parting it out at this time. If you have any more questions feel free to shoot me and email or PM.


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