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It's easy to get something wrong. So don't panic.
My guess is the intermediate shaft! It is hard to get the intermediate shaft to line up by sighting the alignment mark correctly., and that can change the distributor position. I have sometimes been able to rotate the "dizzy" to the correct timing position without re-setting the whole thing, Then a guy notices that the distributor is in the "wrong" position because it is no longer parallel to the block, but if it runs right, then it is o.k. It is also rather easy to get the cam off by a tooth because it is hard to see the alignment when one sights over the struts and stuff, but in such a case as that, it should still fire up and run.
. The engine will still run properly, even if the cam is retarded or advanced a tooth, so that's why my bet is on the position of the dizzy (alignment of the intermediate shaft)..
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