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You should also look very closely at the spark plug wires where they plug into the distributor cap. MANY wire sets do not have the ends of the wire far enough out of the boot to properly insert all the way into the holes in the cap. The wires may look like they are installed, but if you pull off the cap with the wires still in place and turn it upside-down, you may not see any/all of the metal ends sticking out (into the inside of the cap) like they should be. And your wires should be (looking at the engine from in front of the car) Left front position: #2, left rear position: #1, right rear: #3, right front position: #4, going clockwise around the cap. Like this:

2 1
4 3

And with the engine at #1 TDC, the distributor rotor should be pointing pretty much directly at the #1 plug wire on the cap, even if the distributor is NOT turned so the flat front edge is parallel to the engine block. That should get you close enough to at least start. If that doesn't get it to fire, look under the plastic ignition pick-up inside the distributor and make sure the metal shutter ring is not loose or fallen off. Does your distributor rotor also have the metal shutter ring in place? And make sure that both plugs coming out of the distributor are plugged in all the way and the correct plugs connected. They both look a lot alike, but I'm not sure if you CAN get them mixed up. It's been a few years.

Hope that helps.
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