1990 Dodge Daytona Shelby VNT


2.5 Mopar short block, ported 782 head with ~ 1 mm + valves, Super 60 turbo, 3" swingvalve, downpipe & catalytic converter, 2.5" exhaust cat back, stock VNT intercooler, Mopar Performance 2.5 TI M/T SBEC, and manual boost controller (car has never seen >14 psi of boost, and is currently running ~11 psi), Audi BOV, stock 1990 roller cam, full instrumentation.

Owned since 2000. 3rd owner. Purchased from friend, who purchased from original owner ~1998.

The shortblock and turbo were installed in 2000, and prior to going into a 6-year indoor storage in 2005, all of the bushings in the front end were replaced, struts, shocks and springs replaced, as was the power steering rack, and the 568 replaced with a refurbished unit.

Starting in 2011, and at ~146,720 miles (TMU, the cluster was replaced but it’s close), the car was gradually refurbished, with most the work/improvements below completed by 2015, except where noted. There are ~ 35k miles on the bottom end & turbo. Current mileage is 148,010, so there are less than 1,300 miles on the below components. The 568 was installed right before it went into storage, so it has less than 5k miles on it.

  • 782 cylinder head ported by Steve Menegon, which includes new +1mm bigger exhaust valves & ~+1.5mm intake valves, new valve springs, seals, exhaust manifold studs etc. (can provide flow numbers upon request)
  • FWD Performance ported exhaust manifold w/ EGT bung in cylinder #4 runner
  • 3" swingvalve w/ Timeserts for downpipe bolts
  • Omni-Potent Stainless Steel Turbo Bracket
  • New Mopar headgasket, manifold gasket, Fel-Pro oil pan gasket, turbo oil drain tube gasket
  • New silicone turbo oil return hose w/ T-bolt clamps
  • New p/s engine mount bracket (engine)
  • Repair block internal threads w/ Timesert for p/s front oil pan bolt
  • Turbos Unleashed Ultimate 6 Puck Ceramic clutch (Stage III) & new throwout bearing
  • GM Synchromesh manual transmission fluid
  • PolyBushings transmission selector cables bushings (transmission & shifter), clutch arm fork grommet, solid bobble strut
  • New p/s axle (2018)
Starting & Charging:
  • Non-ac alternator mount w/ PolyBusings alternator bushings & new alternator adjustment bracket
  • New Bosch alternator
  • New AC Delco starter w/ DEI heat wrap
Brakes & Suspension
  • New brake rotors, pads, parking brake shoes & brake fluid (Penzoil DOT 3)
  • New ball joint boot, p/s
  • New tie rod end, d/s
  • New BF Goodrich g-force sport tires (205/55ZR-16)
  • Repack rear wheel bearings
Intake & Exhaust:
  • 3" downpipe w/ V-band clamps, and WBO2 bung (welded)
  • 3" Magnaflow 3" catalytic converter w/ V-band clamps
  • T-bolt camps (stainless steel) on intake tract
  • New K & N air filter, PVC breather & BOV filter
  • New vacuum block, new silicone vacuum lines, & connectors, secured w/ ABA fuel injection clamps
  • Repair vacuum lines to HVAC
  • New PCV valve
  • New FlowKooler (1703) water pump & coolant (2019)
  • Hayden electric radiator fan (HDS-3690, 14" diameter, 1,250 cfm)
  • Turbos Unleashed O-ringed thermostat housing, new heater hoses
  • Removed coolant diverter valve
  • New fuel injection lines (at fuel rail, to & from fuel filter, & in tank (SAE J30R9)) & ABA fuel injection clamps
  • New Walbro 255 lph fuel pump (GSS340BX), fuel pump hanger (FG24A) & fuel filter (2019)
  • New Spectra gas tank (CR2F), (painted w/ undercoating and replaced sound deadening on top), sending unit (FG64A) & new fuel pump sock (2020)
  • Mopar Performance 2.5 T1 M/T SBEC
  • New narrow band O2 sensor, oil pressure switch
  • New distance sensor electrical connector (car), MAP sensor electrical connector, TPS electrical connector (car)
  • New Autometer SportComp II Boost gauge, WB02, EGT, H2O temp, Oil temp & Oil pressure gauges and senders (except for oil temp, not hooked up)
  • Abrasive resistant/heat wrap on all wiring & vacuum line associated with new instrumentation
  • Replace radiator fan fusible link with in-line fuse
  • Toggle switch for radiator fan relay w/illuminated indicator
  • Removed security module & "reprogrammed" SBEC (2019)
  • 12v power supply installed under glovebox

The driver side fender was replaced ~2005, The drivers floor pan was patched around ~2003. The interior is mostly complete, but being a 30-year-old car not everything works and the replacement headliner is starting to sag. Radio is a take-off cassette unit out of a 1999 Dakota.

I have records, receipts and pictures of work completed.

Car comes with an extra set of 16” Pumpers (one is in the trunk as a full-size spare), take off and extra parts, spares, an extra 2.5 TI M/T High-Torque SBEC, new window scrapers, and full set of FSM.

Additional details and pictures available upon request. Happy to answer any questions.