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Hello, I'm new to TurboDodge and I just need help with my Daytona. I'm trying to find out why my car keeps shutting off and I replaced the fuel filter already and I did a full tune-up last year (about 7,000 miles). Does anyone know what else to look at to fix this? This is my daily driver and I need my car back. Thank You!

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Welcome To TD!!!
1)What engine is in this Daytona?
2)When the car shuts off will it restart right away?
(If no, that is good, makes it easier to diagnose.)
Your problem sounds like the common HEP issue (Hall Effect Pickup) but lets be sure before we jump to conclusions.
3)First thing to do is check to see if there are any fault codes stored in memory.
a)Turn the ignition key on/off, on/off, on within 5 seconds.
b)The Power Loss/CEL will begin to flash, these flashes are the code numbers.
c)All fault codes are two digit numbers
d)The first flashes will be longer and slower, this is the first digit of the code.
e)There will then be a a pause and the second digit will be displayed, the second digit flashes will be shorter and quicker.
f)If there is more than one code stored there will be a pause in between and they will be displayed in numerical order.
g)The last code you will see is Code 55, which is "end of message" meaning the engine controller is finished communicating with you.
h)If you need to recheck just turn the key off and start again.
Example of codes...
Code 24...Two longer/slower flashes, pause, 4 shorter/quicker flashes.

If this is a Turbo car and you have a Code 54 stored in memory the issue is with the HEP circuit.
If not, perform a wiggle test on the HEP wiring.
(TBI has one connector, Turbo has two connectors)
Start the car and with the engine running wiggle the wires where they exit the distributor and the HEP connectors to attempt to duplicate the issue.
Check the HEP connectors to be sure they are not loose fitting, covered with oil/grease and have no corrosion on the terminals.

If you have to replace the HEP it is a simple procedure.
1)Unplug the HEP connectors
2)Remove the distributor cap and rotor
3)Lift and remove the HEP.
4)Reverse the procedure to install
Warning...Do Not bend the wiring down the side of the distributor as the factory had it or internal damage to the wiring will occur.
I actually tape the wires where they exit the distributor so they do not bend and then use convoluted tubing to protect the wires.
HEP.jpg Engine Compartment Front-2014.JPG

Any questions/comments/concerns Please feel free to ask.
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