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Category: Domestic
Status: Clean Title

I have a 1991 Chrysler Daytona for sale, in British Columbia - Coast.

Mileage: 195,000 km.....122,000 mi.

Asking price is $$2600 CND

1991 Daytona with new engine built by local shop.
Brand new swirl head, big valves, ported by shop.
2 piece intake, ported with larger throttle body, 40 injectors.
adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
larger fuel pump.
Wiesco forged pistons, 40over.
All arp bolts on everything.
5 spd 568 large spline trans with locker diff.
poly bushings and bobble strut.
Cony adjustable shocks.
Eibach lowering springs.

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