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The car is stock, besides an added underdrive pulley and boost bleed. When I purchased the vehicle (August 2004) it had the boost bleed (16 psi!) and I added the underdrive pulley some years after. I bought it at the All Chrysler Nationals car show in Carlisle, PA from a guy from Indiana. The car has never seen a winter, and has no rust (except for a small spot on the truck lid).

I just had the turbo rebuilt and reinstalled it in May. Before that, it was sitting in my garage, waiting for the rebuilt turbo. Now that I have it running, I can sell it.

Currently, I dialed the boost bleed down to 8 psi, just because the rebuilt turbo was performing extraordinary (the guy who rebuilt it did an excellent job) and didn't want to stress the engine out after it was sitting.

Mechanically, the car is sound. Shifts smooth through all gears. And engine is as quiet as can be. I have always changed the oil every 3k miles, even using Mobil 1. When purchased, the muffler was removed for the extra flow (by the previous owner). I am the third owner. The first was a Chrysler mechanic, second was a family man, third me (now 25).

Odometer says 66,000 miles.

The additions I have done are:

1. Magnacor race wires (10 mm spark plug wires)
2. Green Air filter (suppose to be better than K & N)
3. Pair of new tires on rear (BF Goodwrench All season) (front tires are summer performance tires, forgot the brand, they are at their half-way point)
4. Underdrive pulley
5. Turbo Timer

The interior is mint, the exterior has seen better days. What I mean by that is, the paint is in poor condition. If you know what Chryslers paint jobs looked like after some age from the 80s/early 90s, you know what I mean.

Location: Syracuse, New York

It is red.

Asking $4,500 or B.O.
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