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1992 Daytona No Power Digital Overhead

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I have a 1992 Dodge Daytona IROC, the overhead console digital display isn't working, and I seem to be having issues finding wiring diagrams in both of my Chilton's manuals for that. I wasn't sure if there was a common problem in this setup or if anyone may have information on where to find a wiring diagram? I figured I may give the trusty ol' forums a chance before I go semi-blindly ripping into it with little electrical experience. Thanks for any input! Sorry for the poor picture.

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I can get you the wiring tomorrow morning...
On my way out the door for work now.
PM sent withe diagnostics.
I am guessing that the electronics within have fried. I lost about three of these things to that in about 2 years time a couple years ago. Something is going bad in them and they're going *poof*. I am not sure what is going on.

There's a self-diagnostic you can do by pushing both the buttons and then turn the key to the RUN position. In my case, when I disassembled them, it was very obvious that there was serious trauma to the circuit board inside.
Going to look into it some more soon, I got the messages NAJ, thank you. I will try what you said as well phantomrt. Working on getting it ready for inspection.
Just an update. Pulled it down a few weeks ago, looks like something was in the roof, pissed on it, and blew two resistors. Fun times.
Got a new one, plugged it in, read "SE 0C" and if I hit COMP/TEMP it would turn off. Not sure what that's about.
The "OC" means "open circuit" I believe. That would be the wires to the temperature sensor--if you ohmed them out, you should get an open circuit.
But remember that in order for the temperature reading to update, the vehicle has to be moving (VSS sensor seeing a speed)
I honestly did not know that. I had some stuff pulled apart so I didn't start the car. But would that explain why US/METRIC button doesn't do anything and COMP/TEMP turns it off?
The US/Metric button should work at any time the unit is powered on. The Comp/temp just turns it on and off--its a pretty useless button. But if you hold them both down as you turn the ignition key on, it'll go through a self-diagnostics of sorts.
Okay, so I'll assume it didn't switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit because I wasn't driving. Didn't realize the only function of the other one was on and off lol. When I got the car it didn't work. Sounds like it is working right then, thank you for the help!
The US/Metric button does toggle from Fahrenheit to Celsius, but while it is displaying "OC" it has no temperature reading to display in either format. About 15 years ago, I wired one of these things into a car and while fiddling, I could not for the life of me figure out why the temperature would not update as I heated and cooled the sensor (It was stuck reading like -70 degrees or something.) The heat of the day was coming, so I started the car and moved it into a shaded area to work on it. By the time I got there, the temperature updated. A functional data bus is needed on the G/J body consoles. The P-bodies do not utilize it.
I was going to take it for a test drive (was doing a lot of work under the hood as well as this) but by the time I finished up I was feeling a little off and I still had to put air in the tires so I called it quits. I'll probably throw a post on here this weekend confirming that it is or isn't working. She's coming a long and picking up speed! Thanks for the help and reassurances!
If you want to see if it is working, other than the "OC" caused by a missing temp sensor or broken wire, see if it dims when you turn on the headlamps. Notice that there is no illumination circuit to the console. It gets its dimming information from the data bus. If it is reading a data bus, it is likely all the other functions of the console are good to go.
I'm assuming a sensor is shot, I'm not sure, it's reading the direction fine, and I drove it around a bit, stayed at 0C. Did the diagnostics, read N7 W8 D1. I'm using a Dakota's overhead circuit board now, same setup as the Daytona's original.
Blind me, I didn't notice your last post, I'll check that out when I get a moment. Thanks again.
That is a good question. I have personally never dealt with a Dakota overhead console. The the Dakotas utilize the CCD bus? I want to venture out and say that they do not. In order for them to dim, there has to be an illumination circuit run to it.

Otherwise, it is time to ohm out the wires to the temp sensor on the front bumper. Those sensors are usually quite reliable though. I can't remember how much resistance the sensor should yield.
What year Dakota did you get the overhead console from?
1994, and it didn't dim when I did that. I was searching by part number and saw a Dakota with the same overhead and thought "They must've just had a ton of these after Daytonas were scrapped."
Hopefully I'll have some time to check out the wiring tomorrow. Suppose to be a busy day for me. I went to touch one of the resistors on the old one and it just fell off from corrosion.
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