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1992 dodge Daytona 2.5 turbo computer question

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I have a 1992 dodge Daytona 2.5 turbo auto ... The computer was replaced with one from a 5spd... The car runs but seems dead slow... Before checking dither I just wanted to know if I need a auto computer.. Or will the 5spd computer be fine... Thanks in advance
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Computer should be fine. I believe there is a difference in programming for decel, but that's it. There was also a "High Torque" computer that came on the 2.5 5spd cars that had a more aggressive boost curve. Neither difference should be your problem.
Ok thank you.... So what is the computer differences between the auto and 5spd?
The AIS control is different. I believe the 5 speed AIS keeps the rpms from dropping too much between shifts too much. With the automatics, the rpms are allowed to drop more when you let off the gas.
There have been posts on the differences before. I think there may be a difference in timing curves as well. But long and short of it is that either computer should run your engine.

First thing's first. Why did you need a new computer? How much boost are you seeing on your gauge? Have you verified the timing is correct?
Person I brought the car from said the computer was bad... It looks like It is running 5or 6 psi of boost the car just doesn't get out of it's own way... Just picked it up I didn't check anything else yet... Just put in the computer the car did not run with the old computer...
7 lbs of boost is the factory calibration for the 2.5L T-1.
As already stated previously you need to start checking your basics....
Cam/Ignition Timing
Fuel Pressure
Exhaust Restrictions
Air Intake Restrictions
Map Calibration




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7 lbs of boost is the factory calibration for the 2.5L T-1.
Picking nits here : the maximum boost setting for all of the 2.5 T1's is 11psi. But, the stock boost schedule drops to 8psi after ~1second. So, you don't get 11psi for very long. But, if everything is working correctly, you should see 11psi - briefly.
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