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1992 Dodge Daytona ES 5spd car rasberry for parts

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Ok, here it comes. 80% of this complete running driving raspberry pearlcoat 92 daytona ES is for sale. Motor that was in it is now tentatively sold so the rest is now up for grabs. Could be purchased as a rolling chassis with clear title (700$) or pieces.

Hood- 200$
Fenders- 75$ each
Doors (complete with glass and power windows, no mirrors)- 150$each
Hatch with spoiler- 100$
Ground effects- contact me for prices
Front fascia- 250$
Rear bumper- 250$
523 trans 3.77 gearing- 125$
CS lancer wheels no center caps with 205/60/15 michelin pilots - 350$
Headlights (yellowed)- 50$ pair
Turnsignals(yellowed,foggy)- 30$ pair
Taillights (r/l center good condition)- 150$
Eurospec power folding mirrors- 150$
Leather Iroc shift knob- 50$
Iroc leather wrapped steering wheel(bare) - 75$
iroc 140mph gauge cluster with fog light works 124k miles- 100$
rear louvers metal- 100$

Shipping not included in price

More for sale, not priced yet
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Louvers sold
Hello Xtremepickup, Was the Daytona a turbo or a v6? I am looking for the under hood wiring harness of a turbo 1. 2.5 engine w-5 speed. I am trying to convert my 91 rt to 2.5 Turbo 1 status.
was a n/a that i converted to 16V Turbo. 91 and 92 wiring is different
I'm interested in the wiring harness and possibly the whole car. Let me know if the car is still available. Thanks.
Wiring is not for sale even with roller. Roller is for sale. But i have pending offers for the bumpers and ground effects and other items. Roller would need wheels, i have none for it. Was a factory 2.5L non turbo so anything turbo related installed now is not included, ( turbo dash cluster, wiring, computer, trans/cables/axles, motor, exhaust, motor mounts.)
GEN 3 Daytona ES/IROC/R/T body parts hard to find

still have lots of good hard to find parts here.
Did you get the radiator out yet, if so PM me with a price please.
no, wont have it out til the motor is out with the trans. looking at 200$ not including the fan/overflow bottle. that is an Iroc R/T rad/ic set up
whats the dealio on the hatch? still got good glass? wiper or no? defrosts? need to get a new one for my 91 daytona shelby. no wiper but would like one if ur has it. cheapest for a new glass is 275 here. how much to ship to 83501? get payed 2moro, just might buy it
also wondering if u had interior parts for sale. i need the following
back seat
front power seat
pass seat
driver window switch*
the plastic thingy that holds all the switches 2gether on drivers door*
e-brake assembly*
back seat belts if u have back seat

* = things i need the most
Hatch is non wiper. I have all the items u ask for and they are all for sale. I dont know if its cost effectie to ship the large partsd
yea, didnt think about shipping, especially since your on the other side of the country. i estimated 150 w/ ups. but anyway, how much do u want for the e-brake assembly, window switch and button bezel?
still might be interested in the back seat tho. how much do u think it weighs? 20lbs? its pretty much just foam. shuld only be like 35 bucks to ship it ups
Back seat is light, it is mostly foam, but 3 pieces, bottom and 2 folding backs. I dont know how much for the stuff, i dont have the car apart yet either and sorta neeed it together until the motor gets picked up
alright, just shoot me a pm when ur redy 2 sell
Power enthusiast seat switch???
Non power seats sorry
Bump! Hoping to be stripping the car this month
I need a front passenger side seat belt, the one that mounts behind the rear quarter trim panel and comes down to the front seat.
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