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I have a 1992 Dodge Daytona iroc r/t for sale, in USA - Texas.

Mileage: 64000 miles

Asking price is $8000

1992 Dodge Daytona Iroc R/t with low miles 64xxx I drive it twice a week. Paint is a couple years old and is an $800 macco job, but it looks white all over lol. (im not an advocate for macco) She runs and drives nice, sounds great and is a great specimen for someones first iroc r/t.

-mopar plus 20% injectors
-turbo back exhaust, flowmaster muffler
-fwd computer 15lbs of boost
-custom fabbed intercooler piping and cold air intake (HKS filter) by FIST racing
-new plugs and wires
-new tires
-turboxs blow off valve
-large spearco front mount intercooler
-new shocks
-innovated wideband custom mounted, very subtle
-jbl speakers
-battery realocation to rear, custom box and battery
-new shifter bushings
-new lifters (installed at fwd)
-much more I can't remember at the moment....

- pulled radio fuse because the wiring to it has a small drain on the battery. can turn on the fuse to show that the radio works well
- heater bypassed
-ac compressor has a slow leak, but ac is charged and blows cold
- paint is not exceptional....

I'm selling because I have grown weary of a multitude of projects and am selling a couple, this is a nice car but I know a dedicated mopar enthusiast could appreciate and increase the satisfaction of her to a fuller potential than I. Thanks for checking out the Daytona, and text or call me with your offers. 281-825-8169 David


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