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Sometimes a wealth of information can be a little overwhelming, even though we are all eager to help.
The basics are as easy as ABC, that is:a. air, b. fuel, and c. spark. It is good that it cranks. That's a good start.
The ECU will turn off the fuel pump if it does not detect a spark, so start with that. See if the ignition is working. When a fuel pump goes bad it can happen with no prior warning, and it also will not throw a code. Check the fuses. Spray some starting fluid into the intake, or on the air filter inlet. I sometimes use a drip of raw gas (because the starting fluid is so explosive that it can scuff the pistons, etc.) And No DTCs at all? Check the plug to your ECU, make sure it is secure. The plug can come loose, it happened to me once, and I was too embarassed I to admit it.to anyone (until now.)
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