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2.2 turbo lebaron issues

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i am having some issues with my lebaron. my engine is poping and rattling at high speeds. it surges and bucks and seems to lose power as if it is just not "kicking in" all the way. when i pulled over and came to A complete stop, if i took my foot off the brake my car would accelerate past 30 miles an hour without putting my foot on the gas. after i popped my hood i noticed my turbo was red hot! i had a mechanic take it for a spin and we opened it up and accelerated to about 75 mph. when we got back there was a ticking noise that was not present before the test drive. he told me it was a lifter and that meant that my engine is not getting enough oil, he also said that could be why the turbo was red hot. we noticed the pcv valve was clogged and we are replacing that and all vacuum lines. could those things be the root of all my evils? or is it more likely i have wiring issues and problems with the logic/power modules as evidence from this website suggests. please help i am working with an old school mechanic that only has a basic understanding of turbo engines and trying to do most of the technical research myself. i have to drive 800 miles home in 5 days!!!
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Welcome To TD!!!

Have you checked fault codes?

With the popping/high idle speed it sounds to me like a major vacuum leak causing a rich mixture that is burning in the exhaust.
If you still have the factory plastic vacuum harness you do not want to splice the lines with rubber hose, you want to remove all of the factory plastic and install a vacuum block with all new line and connectors.
You can temporarily splice the lines to get home but it is not recommended to keep them that way, it will only cause more problems in the future.

Also be sure the fuel pressure regulator did not rupture by removing the vacuum line from the FPR and looking for raw fuel.
If raw fuel is present replace the FPR and you may also have damaged the Map Sensor.

The basic issues with these cars are...
Cam/Ignition Timing
Fuel Pressure/Fuel Pressure Regulator
Vacuum System including PCV Hoses.

Here are some links with info to help you out.




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