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2.25 SV to 3" DP & Cat

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Here is the plan we came up with for my exhaust.

I am going to start with a custom flange made to mirror the 2.25" swing valve. To this will be welded 3" section of pipe. This will attach flush to the flange on the turbo WITHOUT A DONUT. I might need a gasket, but they both have a flat machined surface.

From there there will be a 3" Flex Pipe, elbow and 3" cat and all the bends and pieces I need to get to a 3 to 2 1/2" reducer to go 2 1/2" cat back to the bumber. I already have the JRB 2 1/2" from fwd performance. Not willing to stuff a 3" over the rear axle and listen to it clatter.

All stainless. I'm getting scrap prices and the welding will be cheap or free.

What do you guys think?
Is the 3" in from the 2.25" SV to the Cat to 2 1/2 going to be beneficial or should I just run 2 1/2" the whole way?

Attaching a sketch clarify.
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exhaust flows as well as the smallest hole.

By description of what you want, maybe the ATP 3" with home made 3" side exit is what you want. It takes work but you can get the 3" not to hit out the back. Or go with a true 2.5" SV and mandrel 2.5" system.

either way that 2 1/4" SW has to go.
That's what I figured. The rest of the exhaust is still going to be a restriction, and the 2.25 SV. This thing is still gonna make enough power to make me happy with the even with the restrictive SV.
I think I'll still have my custom flange made in 3" for the first 6" or so then reduce to 2.5 right away to the flexpipe and cat.
To make things easy I'll just use the 2.5" I already have.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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