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i did a search on that, but nothing really helped me.

now i know that the 2.2 runs with 17-20% less fuel than a 2.5, also the spark curve on a 2.2 is more agressive.

to my problem:
i´m currently building up a 2.2TII engine for my 92 daytona (one rare TI). i don't want to change the wiring harness to my stock 89ecu, nor has TU finished their 3bar cals for the 92. so i need to get my car running without the cal.

when i run the 2.2 with my t3/t04b turbo at stock boost (10psi on TI?), am i save in fuel with the stock 2.5cal and stock TII injectors? because they nearly act like +20s...17%more fuel on a 2.5 ?!

i also have some +40s but those will act like +60s right?
which base timing should i go? 15degrees?

i just finally want to get the car on the road again, after two years of standing still.

if there's no other way, i'll purchase an AFPR, but would be great if this will be running without it.

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