I decided to leave this near Chicago. Same delivery offer applies.

Purchased many years ago from someone who had done most of the conversion work. I don't recall the mileage of the short block, but I don't believe it was rebuilt before conversion.

-The head is mounted to the block

-PN 4667086 2.4L Head

-Oil passages are plugged, and new drains and feeds are drilled

-Oil feed to head plumbed from the front of the block.

-Adjustable Cam sprockets are mounted and belt is on

I have not done anything to this, it's been sitting covered in the garage since approximately 2004.

Engine will be stored in Sagola, MI but would be willing to deliver a reasonable distance from my path traveling between Glenview IL to Sagola MI (Interstates 94, 41 or 43, 141). I run this route approximately once a month.

Would also consider trading for a good running 90 2.5 common block motor for my 1990 Caravan 5sp Turbo.

Will provide additional photos at request.