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I'm looking for some numbers on ignition timing differences between 2.5L and 2.2L SMEC computers.

I've read that a 2.5 runnung on 2.2 electronics should have the base ignition timing turned down to 8-10 degrees instead of running at 12.

Then I've read that the G-head calibrations run more advance than a similar Swirl head calibration.

Anyway, with Paul's family problems, I don't think I'm going to see my custom cal from TU any time soon. And I'd like to hit the track. I'm currently running a 2.5L motor with a Mopar +1mm G-based head. I've converted to SMEC and am using an '89 TII (2.2L) computer. Base timing is currently at 10 degrees.

I'm thinking the G-head will like the extra spark advance of the 2.2 cal. Or, should I just find a 2.5L TI SMEC for now?
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