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I am getting the cam and crank and distributor lined up after a complete rebuild with the motor on a stand.

Please confirm this point about the distributor. I feel confident about it, but then again -- it may be over-confidence?

The Haynes book I am following said nothing (that I could find) about the orientation of the oil pump, but I took it back off and aligned it (the top slot) parallel to the block so that the distrib shaft would go in and the point of the rotor would be pointing left -- towards the number one cylinder _and_ right at the number one plug wire on the cap. Like the #1 wire is on the left of distrib (it's marked, but I couldn't remember which way it went until I put the pick-up coil on).

Maybe just a "duh" question, but just wanted to double check that the #1 Wire faces left toward the #1 cylinder. Should have taken more pictures.

Thank you,

PS: I have all the other marks lined up: Crank key up, #1 Piston up, Cam Key Up, Cam Sprocket holes match the bearing cap line, Intermediate Shaft sprocket notch matched to the crank sprocket notch.
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