I have the following for sell

1 ea 2 Piece Intake Used as pictured $275 Shipped in the US
1 ea 2 Piece Intake NOS as pictured some dents and dings from shelf wear $275 Shipped us
3 ea CSX-T Center caps (These center caps are new BUT they some issues. The one with plastic peeling from it was a covering to protect them during shipping from the factory and is EXTREMELY difficult to remove the shinny one is one that was removed and it damaged the "Shelby" decal as you can see the 3rd is the best I'd call it a 9 out of 10, the one with plastic if you can get the plastic off is also a 9, the shinny one is probably a 7 out of 10 from shelf wear and decal damage. There are a mix of the new and old style two have plastic clips, one has the wire clip. Hopefully you can still get the Shelby decal from positive impressions. Sold As is. $250 Shipped US