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Status: Clean Title

I have a 2004 Dodge Neon SRT4 for sale, in USA - Pennsylvania.

Mileage: 127xxx miles
Engine Size: 2.4 Turbo

Asking price is $6800

Seller Information: Tyler Majka
Phone: (717) 688-0284
Email: [email protected]

I have my 2004 Neon SRT4 here, up for sale.

I love the car, its fun to drive and moves along very well. Its all stock minus a 3" exhaust, 1G DSM BOV, airbox delete, and a bfmic, which were all installed by the previous owner. Also, all the stock vacuum hard lines have been replaced with silicon rubber ones so no leaks happen, and all were installed by a well respected member of the SRT4 community here in PA. Also, I installed semi-solid AGP motor mounts to replace the wasted stockers.

The car runs excellent and handles excellent as well.

It has 127xxx miles on it, but, you'd never dream it. Car is from Florida and in the true Florida fashion, the underside is clean as can be.

Paint is pretty good considering the mileage and life in FL and cleans up very well. Interior is also immaculate, minus the upper bolsters on the driver's seat wearing through a little.

I upgraded the stereo to a stock Chrysler head unit (CD/Cass/HD Radio) with a slave 4 CD changer right beneath it in the stock location.

Really isn't too much to say about it, its just a clean, pretty much stock, SRT4. Turbo spools great and has no shaft play and sounds awesome.

But, the fact its stock and not molested to no end really makes it a rare prize and the reason I was all over it to get it when I did.

The only issue really to speak of is the occasional weird idle. Sometimes it'll rev up to 1000/1200 rpms and hold there, and if you move the wires going to the IAC while its doing it, the idle will change, so, I believe its just the wires which is a common issue. But, it doesn't do it enough that I've remembered to order the kit to fix it...haha.

But...as far as price, I'm looking for $6800, and pretty firm on that.

I hate to get rid of her...but...as I said, I don't want to see it sit.

Email me or give me a call/text at 717-688-0284. Serious inquiries only. No joy rides.

I also have a set of the Mopar 3D tail lights I will include along with the stock srt4 spoiler.

The reason I'm selling the car is more so due to the fact I miss my RWD cars. I have my Omni GLH for my Turbo Dodge, and I want something fun and RWD to replace the Neon.

The joy of driving, gas mileage, and power are all great aspects of the SRT4...but...its my first real FWD that I've had to drive (Omni isn't done) from a long line of RWDs...and the torque steering, spinning like crazy in 1st and 2nd is something I'm not real sure about...lol


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