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The Neon is a stock ATX except for a hard bellows tube, cone filter and the bottom of the airbox cut off. Wheels and tires are my 6.5" crabs with 205-50-15's.

I'm driving home from Best Buy and there is a long stretch of highway with lights every once and awhile......speed limit is 55 with 2 lanes going both ways. Ahead I see a copper colored lowered civic with clear tails, a big wing and fat exhaust tip. He's bouncing down the road on the bumpstops and weaving through traffic quickly.
He's also speeding up and slowing down over and over....i have no idea why..

Anyway I manage to catch up and go buy him in the left lane. I see a little spikey haired kid and he stares at me the whole time, so I gun it and put a couple lengths distance between us and let off. He immediately pulls out and follows closely.
We come up on a light and he's still behind me. The light turns green and I roll out easy with him on my bumper, then I hammer it to see if he can keep up. I see the front of his Civic bouncing wildly with each of his shifts. I easily walk away and put probably 6 cars on him and then he falls behind fast....I guess he gave up! From then on he stayed a good distance behind me.
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