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(I'll try to follow the new posting rules, excuse if I miss something...)

Steve Stracener
Frederick, CO 80530
powermaxx at lycos.com (replace at with @) or PM me here as I check in often

feedback: ask mopar2ya (Wallace) or 727glhs (Cindy)

2pc Intake with vac fittings, has a broken stud on fuel rail mount (easy fix)this is a bare intake, no fuel rail or TB. Bottom pc was degreased and needs painting. Unmolested. $150

87 LM TrimCal for a 2.2 was recently "freshened" by FWD Performance. Still wrapped up (except for pics) Basically "NEW". $375

Ported G Head with 505 cam, springs and followers. Used 2 seasons, needs new valve stem seals (not guides), pulls some oil on #1 (Easy fix...). Gasket matched, some porting and bowl work (haven't cleaned it up yet :eek: but it works real good).
I wouldn't call it a full on port job. I got a G head from Menegon that was one of his "best" race setups to replace this one. This was the only change on my car. This head was running 12.5 to 12.8 or so (up here in Denver). The Menegon runs 12.2 to 12.5's (no other changes). So it does flow pretty decent just looking at the timeslips between the two heads. Valves are 42mm I and 37.5mm E (best I can measure in the head...) Chambers are dirty from running too rich. Will clean it up and post new pics tomorrow.


Paypal accepted. Ships next business day.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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