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3 speed

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i heard that if you spin the tires to much with a 3 speed auto it will throw some sort of pin. does this mean a burnouts would break my tranny?
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with any transmission, if you do excessive one wheeled burnouts, the differential pin can cause damage. The trick is to not do one wheeled burnouts. Either "tune" your front suspension so that equal weight is on the front tires, or get a limited slip for the differential. You can also look into installing diff pin savers on the differential. They are just bracket like items that you bolt to the ring gear of the unit. They help in preventing the pin from working it's way out of the differential if the retaining pin fails.
In addition to the diff pin issue, doing too many 1st gear burnouts in DRIVE may lead to roller clutch failure. When the tires hook up and shock the drivetrain, the roller clutch is forced to stop abruptly- do this too many times and you'll have all sorts of bits of roller/springs in the trans pan.

If your going to do a burnout with an automatic shift A413, use the LOW range so the rear band secures the low/rev drum. If it's a manual valve body A413, get into 2nd gear before the tires hook...

-Chuck James
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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