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3" van exhaust

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Anyone sell a full 3" system swing valve to tail pipe without a cat that bolts up? I have a 2.5" swingvalve hoping to find a 3" one day.
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I have heard that the 3" Exhaust from Forward Motion fits good, and people are amazed that a 3" exhaust can even fit there. Here is the link: Forward Motion, Inc. 2007 Catalog (forwardmotioninc.com) I decided to improve my exhaust at a local shop with a mandrel bent 2 and 1/2" and a free flow muffler. The car has a nice rumble, but NAJ cautions us that the little Mitsubishi Turbo may over-spool without some back pressure. I have not turned up the boost yet.
I talked to Cindy about a year ago about van exhaust, at that time she only had one 3" left, and was not making any more exhaust for vans. She was sold out of 2.5 ". Summit has mandrel bends and pipe available just have to weld them together. I built my own 2.5" exhaust from Summit elbows and pipe for my LS conversion in my TJ. Our vans have just a couple of simple bends, it should be relatively easy to build.
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