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Putting together a trans for a K body 2.5 Turbo project. Using all junkyard parts.

95 Tbi trans as a base. ( Found a junkyard that has 20 A413's this was the newest I also grabbed his only Turbo transmission.)

Going to source a omni tranny for the .90 transfer gears to make a 2.60 final drive.

Also getting a Neon trans for the torque converter and HD clutch drums. (Heard diff and other parts are better too)

Problem is have no idea about stuffing more clutches into the drums. Which is which and how+ what clutches/steels to use.

Only care about it not blowing up need to do it as simple as possible so don't want to mess with bands,line pressure,valve body etc unless necessary.

Anyone on here ever build a A413?

Or can I just swap in the neon drums and it will be fine stock?

Gonna be a street car not a drag car.
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