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5 Speed Shifter Pattern

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Howdy all,

Here a little question for all y'all tranny people (and by tranny i mean transaxle, not the transgendered).....

Did any other 5 speed have a shifter pattern like the A525 with reverse
to the left of first instead of under 5th???

thanks a bunch.....

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My Daewoo's getrag unit had it. I'm pretty sure it's a getrag thing.
Volkswagens are like that as well...From like Early jetta's/Golf's up till now I think. BMW's are as well.....cont think of anymore off my head though.
Una said:
520 and 555 have the same shift pattern.
So the 520 and 555 have that same pattern?? so the 523 and 568 have reverse under 5th gear??

Just want to know so that I can get myself a new tranny.....and I like the old school l-body feel of the 525.......so 520 and 555........cool


I think my 1G Escort GT had that shifter pattern, and I know my Datsun 720 truck did.
The 465 had that pattern too. For a really weird shifter, try a 5 speed column shift, my sister's 1964 Alfa Guilia TI had one.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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