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5226352 L-body Quad Solenoid Pack Part 3: Test & Measurement

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Here's the impedance and phase angle results


I've discovered that the solenoid coils are repairable if the coils themselves aren't burned out, or out of specified range.

Color Dot Coils:
I did an Impedance test on all the coils @1kHz. and 10kHz.
I'll group the black coil separately as it is unused.
I found that the White, Green and Blue solenoids were very close in tolerance regardless of frequency or input voltage, but much closer when tested with the 10kHz. measurement.

Phase angle stayed between 58 and 60 degrees regardless of voltage, frequency, or impedance.
Impedance varied between 1.4k and 1.6k Ohm with an analyzer frequency of 10kHz.
Impedance varied between 350 Ohms and 380 Ohms with an analyzer frequency of 1kHz.

Black Coil:
Phase angle between 64 & 65 degrees @ 1k Ohm impedance.
Phase angle between 59 & 61 degrees @ 10k Ohm impedance.
Impedance varied between 270 Ohms and 310 Ohms with an analyzer frequency of 1kHz.
Impedance varied between 1.4k Ohms and 1.5k Ohms with an analyzer frequency of 10kHz.

1) All 4 coils were very close in spec when measured at 10kHz. regardless of test voltage.
2) The black coil had a lower impedance at 1kHz. but was in the same spec as the other 3 when measured with a 10kHz. frequency.
3) Disassembling the spring, plunger, O-ring and nipple from the coil housing, it's evident that water and dust can easily build up and render the plunger inoperable.
4) Being that these coils are very close in operational spec, it's safe to conclude that they can be swapped out and interchanged, provided that the internal parts and assembled direction are the same.

Next, I'll disassemble the white, green and blue solenoids and note ant changes in parts or assembly.
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