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568 grinding questions

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I believe my 2nd gear syncro is gone south on the trans because it now grinds once the trans gets warm. Is there any fluid that I can add or use that will help the trans out? I am hoping it will last the season, then just get it rebuilt over winter. Thanks for any info.
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I actually have the same problem in mine, except it's third for me. I'm going to try some of that Redline MT fluid, see if that improves it a bit. I'll let you know if it works.
My buddy told me about that stuff yesterday. he said it works wonders. I think I will try it too. Good luck with yours.
Come on guys, fluid is not going to fix broken parts. :rolleyes:

It's grinding because something is wrong, period. Try adjusting the shifter and outlined in the Chrysler service manual. Still grinding, time to pull it and fix it.

Remember that the longer you drive the car like this the more damage you do, period. Syncro assembly, gear, fork are all being damaged. Right now some are still available but between the syncro and the gear your going to spend $425.00 on top of the rebuild cost.

Waiting might be your only choice but please don't believe that a fluid will stop, fix or do anything to help the problem but maybe mask it either way you need to open them up and fix them because transmissions are getting harder to find every day and the longer you wait the worse the problem will get.

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There is no such thing as magic in a can :)
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