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i just realized i have some interesting data from my dyno pulls a few days ago.

i have three pulls where between the pulls almost nothing changed except the boost pressure:

first pull @ 10 psi

206 whp, 260 wtq

second pull @ 13 psi

226 whp, 284 wtq

third pull @ 17 psi

248 whp, 301 wtq

now these boost numbers are accurate to within +/- 1 psi, during the pulls i wasnt paying that much attention to them because i was only interested in getting to 17 psi.

so as you can see its about 6 hp per psi

now if i want 350 whp at 25 psi i'm going to need 12.75 hp per psi...NOT BLOODY LIKELAYYYYY

for what thats worth

this is a modified 2.5 turbo, another thread by me details the mods, i suppose the important parts for this discussion is the fact i have a stock un-ported fast burn head, unported manifolds, and a crappy catalytic converter installed

things that may have changed between pulls are changing the timing from 12 BTDC to 10 BTDC, and decreasing the fuel pressure 1 psi, and the time between pulls, and the general heat soak of the engine

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1990 dodge daytona ES 2.5 turbo

5 speed manual

91 octane pump gas

dynoed it today @ dynomite in san diego in miramar ($45 for 4 pulls!!! phone number on dyno sheet)

it was a dynojet dyno with the "brake" set to 5% (whatever that means)

boost set to 17psi


2.5 turbo common block
cylinders bored out for 0.030" oversize pistons
cast mahle 0.030" oversize pistons
stock 2.5 turbo rods
stock 2.5 turbo crankshaft
balance shafts removed
stock fast-burn turbo cylinder head
block and head have less than 4k miles on them since they were both rebuilt
mopar 2006 head gasket
both head and block have been resurfaced, and since cylinders are slightly oversize, my compression ratio is probably a bit higher than stock


turbonetics hybrid T3/T4 turbo
.63 exhaust housing
s60 style compressor housing
super 46 trim compressor wheel
stage 1 exhaust turbine
2.5" garrett swingvalve


stock exhaust manifold
stock 2.5" downpipe
autozone/kragen off-the-shelf 2.5" catalytic converter (replacement, probably terrible flow)
turbos unleashed 3" cat-back
magnaflow 3" straight through muffler


big front mount intercooler in front of radiator (see pic)
3.5" x 19" x 14" core, bar and plate, internal fins, 2.5" inlet and outlet
2.5" intercooler and air filter tubing
cone air filter located in front of battery location
Greddy Type RS blow off valve on hot intercooler pipe


stock fuel pump
stock fuel lines
stock fuel filter

+40 injectors
AFPR located in stock location
fuel pressure set to 29 psi (AFPR vacuum line unplugged)

NOTE: this may be equivalent flow rate to stock injectors. the +40 injectors are installed just to be ready for the stage 5 computer which i dont have yet. this stage 3 computer does not require +40 injectors.

autolite 63 spark plugs (just for the heck of it)
otherwise completely stock
timing set to 10 deg BTDC (no improvement seen on dyno versus 12 BTDC)

stage 3 90/91 computer from fwdperformance
grainger valve for boost control

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get some porting, its amazing how much of a difference it makes, particularly with the head.
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