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804 injectors

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I just added a FWD performance computer and changed the my turbo I to turbo II I added the intercooler and charge temp and the car seems to run good but should I add the 804 injectors also and the garrett turbo?
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What car?
What boost level are you running?
Do you have an AFPR and a Wideband A/F Gauge?
If you have an FWD Perf cal, they will tell you which injectors to run for that cal. You should start with those if you aren't doing anything else.
I have a 1988 daytona i have the stage 2 cal. from FWD performance 14 lbs boost with charge temp and intercooler
According to FWD's website the stage 2 is designed for 88/89 stock(I am assuming 33pph on 89) or 804(35pph on 88)injectors.
As already stated I would contact Cindy to be sure.
Ok iwill thank you very much:D
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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