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'83 Horizon?

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Are 83's even worth the hassle to convert to turbos? I found one with a carb 2.2 and auto near me, and am hesitant to buy it.

Would a full-blown wiring nightmare be involved?
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So what? I did it in my 94 Turbo van.

Granted it didn't work very long and died due to electrical problems...if I knew what I was doing it would still be running.
Dont forget the fuel system, the carb cars wont have the return line or the correct pump mount sender assy.
Whatabout the later TBI omnis? Do you still have to swap the tank?

I've been looking for information on TBI-Turbo swaps, even on The Dodge Garage, but can't find squat.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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