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First time posting in a forum so I apologize in advance. I just bought this rampage in almost mint condition with a matching sportsman camper shell from my ex’s father, the original owner ran the service dept for a dodge dealership and only used mopar parts, and the second owner (my ex’s dad) always used mopar parts and kept up with maintenance very well, the car has 150k miles and the worst spot of rust is just some minor bubbling paint on the door jam, I just purchased the car and plan on restoring it cause it wouldn’t take much work but I’d like to have a little more power than the 84hp that the car came with, from what I’ve read the na version of the 84 2.2 won’t hold much boost as it is weaker than the turbo model, my understanding is that the first year for the turbo 2.2 was 84, Ive also read that the blocks aren’t usually an issue when building power but was wondering how well the 83 stock bottom end would hold up, I’d like to try and make 200ish hp but I don’t want to have to pull the motor as im already swapping a motor in my foxbody at the moment and would prefer not to pull this motor until she blows, once that happens my neighbor has a 2.2 turbo I’d probably buy off of him and do a “full build”. I understand it may be difficult but I was curious how hard it would be and if I have my expectations too high without pulling the bottom end, I was thinking a turbo kit and cam, possibly aftermarket head, any tips? First time messing with a mopar and im still relatively green to heavy engine modification so any advice would be great, thanks -Dominic


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