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'84 Dodge 600 2.2 Turbo Fuel Pump Replacement

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I'm sure the info I'm looking for is here somewhere, but I can't find it. I bought an in-tank fuel pump to replace the Bosch OE pump about 10 years ago. Got it from O'Reilly's w/a lifetime warranty. Time to replace it again. They honored their warranty. I didn't do the work the last time, so my question is with the procedure of replacing the pump. Is it absolutley necessary to drop the fuel tank? Looks like there may be enough room to not have to. Also....how does the pump come off the tank. Looks like a ring of some kind....or does the pump just turn clockwise to lock in place?

Also...got a feeling this may be an exercise in futility as the relay may be the culprit......? Thanks!
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For my daytona you jack it up so the tires are touching but the suspensions fully extended lossen straps on the rear of the tank lower. Remove the key by hammering it around! ***be careful use brasss tools only***i dont but just incase you light yourself on fire I don't wanna be responsible :p
Being an 84 I cannot walk you through any diasgnostics on checking pump operation.

The only way I could figure a test would be to have someone crank the car as you hold a multimeter to the pump connector for 12v. NAJ will probably have the proper way of diagnosing it, as 84 turbo cars are a wiring nightmare compared to 85+
I am assuming you have verified the pump is not running and you do not have fuel pressure?
Pump is not running...can't hear anything....no fuel to injectors....car won't start
Do you have a test lamp or multimeter?
NAJ will tell you this at some point but the 1984 ASD relay that controls the fuel pump is NOT in the power module by the battery. Only 1984 model year vehicles had the ASD relay above the glove compartment inside.
yes have a multimeter.....what is the best way to drain the fuel tank? Can't get a hose down the fuel filler neck. Also...can the pump be taken out without dropping the tank? Car may be an '84 or an '85 as it was a special order vehicle at the time. Did not realize there was a difference in the fuel arrangement. It is multi-point injection.
What are you looking to do right now...Diagnose or replace the pump?
Does the pump run at all?
If it does you may be able to manually actuate the ASD Relay to run the pump and empty the fuel tank.
Manually actuating the ASD can be done on 85-90, 84 is all by itself.
Is there are DB/YL wire in the diagnostic connector?

Everybody says you can get the pumps out without dropping the tank but I was unable to, the pump assembly would not come out due to the rear axle and track bar being in the way.
I also found it extremely difficult to remove/install the lock ring with the tank in the car, especially the first time the pump had to come out and the lock ring had been untouched for 17 years.
Probably would be alot easier if you had a lift and trans jack rather than doing it on the ground.

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