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Fellow TD’ers:
It is with deep regret that I have decided to part with my 84 Dodge Rampage. I have decided to move from Austin, TX back to Houston, TX. My daughter had an unplanned pregnancy late last year, and will soon have three boys in their household. My ex moved from there to retire with her husband in South Central Texas. She will no longer be able to help my daughter, and I want to be there for her to help any way that I can.

I bought the Rampage about four years ago, with my dream of turning it into a “Street Fighter” like Carroll Shelby envisioned a long time ago. The supercharger was a nostalgia thing for me. It's always on, and makes the 4 cylinder drive like an 8 cylinder. I was having trouble starting it one day and blew a fusible link. I hate fusible links. I took it to a local garage that did classic restorations and wanted it to be rewired with a fuse box under the hood. There have been several side projects done along the way, but it has languished there for the last couple of years. The mechanic who worked on the classics left, and it has been idle since then. The Rampage is not in running condition at this time, but has been set up on jacks so the tires still look good. It was purchased in Kansas where the original owner lived, and has stayed in Texas with me since then. It is black, and appears to have been like that all the time.

I will start by listing what the truck came with when I bought it:
Engine Rebuilt
DC Supercharger 66 ci
DC Intake Manifold
DC Custom Aluminum Valve Cover w/SUPERCHARGER on it
DC Performance Rocker Arms w/Sintered Iron Inserts
Mopar .460 Lift Purple Cam
Cometic Head Gasket
Weber 38DGAS Carb w/Adjustable Fuel Regulator
K&N Chrome Air Filter
MSD 6AL Ignition System
MSD Boost Control w/Retard Module
MSD Blaster 2 Ignition Coil
A/F Digital Gauge
Boost Gauge
One Step Colder Champion Copper Spark Plugs
A525 Transmission
Quick Release Heim Joint
87 Daytona Shelby Z Clutch Kit
85 Omni Turbo Flywheel
Hooker Headers
Front Sway Bar from 85 Omni GLH w/Poly Bushings
Rare A/M Sliding Rear Window Dealer Installed

What has been done to it since then:
NOS (yes NOS) Windshield
Locking Hood Latches
NOS Bosch 90 amp Alternator with wiring harness
Fidenza Adjustable Cam Gear
Petronix Flamethrower VW Distributor w/Clamp (mod)
Flex-A-Lite Performance Fan and Variable Speed Controller
Daytona 21” Single Row Aluminum Radiator
Fan Shroud for said radiator
4th Cylinder Coolant Mod
Custom Quick Shifter (ILIKESHELBYS)
Ported Water Pump Housing

I am attaching some photos of the Rampage, and can send more upon specific requests.

I have also been acquiring parts over time that are in storage I have catalogued them on a spreadsheet that I can email. Too long to list here, but here are some examples of key parts of interest, just to name a few:
Omni floor pan set that came from AZ, no rust
Rock Auto new rear floor pan set
Pair of Shelby Seats in fair condition
Quick ratio power steering rack (used, may need rebuild)
Window glass for both doors
Set of 15” 5 lug pizza wheels
Center console and under dash console

I have clear title to the truck, and will sign it over to the first person who commits to pick everything up when they arrive.

Thanks for taking the time to read my lengthy post, and I will look forward to your response.

left side.JPG
right side.JPG
hood cowl.JPG
Engine 1.jpg
engine 2.JPG
Engine 3.JPG

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I will be listing this on TX Craigslist in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.
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