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ok so some here know that my omni has been giving me lots of trouble. it is an 84 tbi and runs rough and stalls out and sometimes wont run at all.

possible solution: i have 2 t1 motors laying around, a t1 rebuild kit, a t1 power moduel, harness, axles from one of the cars and a friend from here that will sell me a logic mod. thes motors are out of 1) an 85 lazer 2) an 85 glh. *my car is an auto*

i have read the tbi to turbo swap section and want to know some opinions about how hard this is, how long it takes, is it worth it, do i have the rite stuff, is it a complete harness change, will the auto trans and motor match up, do i have to change the axles? sorry im just trying to see if this is a good thought to follow through with or will i end up collecting parts forever and all that bla bla bla.

-thanks and im not sure this thread is in the correct section
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