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85 Daytona TZ need help identifying a few parts

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This is the solenoid pack for the 1985 Daytona Turbo Z 5 speed car we are working on.
I have found out that the second one in from the radiator side is the waste gate control solenoid. Can anyone help me identify what the other 3 are for?
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Then there are these two relays on the drivers strut tower. The furthest left wire is a grey fuse able link that the wire is about 4 feet long and goes no where with a female bullet connector on the end. What are these two relays for? I am assuming one is for the fan controller? And where does that grey wire go? thank you in advance!
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Quad Solenoids, Left to Right: Canister Purge, EGR, Wastegate, Baro Read
(The vacuum setup in the pic may not be entirely correct, use the page from the Chrysler Parts Catalog for vacuum routing)
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There are only 4 wires at the Starter Relay on an 85, however, 84 shows the Gray wire and it runs to the Underhood Lamp, could have been a running change between model years.

Starter Relay Wiring
Red - Constant 12 Volts from Battery Through a Fusible Link
Yellow - Switched Ignition Power from the Ignition Switch, Power is only Present with the Key in the Start Position.
Brown - Output to the Starter Solenoid
Brown/Yellow - Ground, Through the Park/Neutral Switch on Auto Trans, Bolted to the Top of the Transaxle on Manual Trans
85-87 Starter Wiring
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84 Starter Wiring
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