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Hey everyone...after a 5 year hiatus and while my Evo is at the paint shop and my E30 is awaiting parts...I pulled the GLH out of the corner and decided to give it some love. But...its been 5 years so I'm learning it all over again. I'm really hoping to get the harness installed and a new fuel tank/pump, and it should be able to start, in theory!

If I could get any assistance with some plug identification...

For reference, I have an 85 GLH-T T1 harness and an 86 GLHS T2 engine/LM going into an 85 GLH carb car.

1. are there separate mini harnesses for the TPS/AIS, the CTS/Distributor/Oil Pressure/etc, and the Distance Sensor/VSS? If so, I think I'm missing them and I will buy them if you have them.

2. Can you identify the plugs in the following photo (near the PM/Battery). A, B, C, D. From what I can gather from diagrams, A = CTS/Distributor/etc., B = Distance sensor on trans C and D I don't know.

3. Same for A, B. A = Throttle body harness? B = ? (comes from bulkhead connector and splits to another similar connector that comes out on the passenger side...black wire)

4. Same again for A, B by the passenger firewall by the strut tower.

5. Same on this one, A, B (in front of right shock tower). The plugs in the top right look like they get fuses?

I apologize for my ignorance and thank everyone in advance for any help. The wiring diagrams I have are helpful, but are limited in identifying this stuff. If anyone is in the Southwest Florida area and wouldn't mind lending a hand...I'd be glad to get you dinner, some beers, whatever, for some in person insight. Lol.
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