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85 Shelby Charger in N. Calif.

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:thumb: hello I have a 85 blue charger for sale. all stock and in real good condition. the interior is good just needs detailng and the body is good,no rust (C.A car) but the paint is peeling. It has the sunroof bag and a owners manual. I got the car from the original 2 months ago because he said the starter didn't work and he had a new car. The starter wires were loose,that's all so it's smogged and ready for the road..$1800/bo :)
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85 Shelby Charger in N Calif.

All4Janet said:
:bang head I still haven't resolved how to shrink my pictures for this car but the good news is the price is now 1500.00 b/o. I can e-mail pics :)
heres the pictures I have of it..

I saw the car in person and its very clean! traditionally in need of paint.. but its all there.. I believe the interior was a non smoking interior as well from when I sat in it.. seats were sweet and felt really firm and not all saggy from what i remember... Nice example of a drivable easily restorable car.. paint is all I could see it needing. I was there to gut out a black/silver shelby charger and went to lunch/dinner with Chris and his beautiful wife. Very cool people and had a great time..

If ya ever need pictures shrunk down.. MS paint is a fast simple way to do it.. open up the picture in MS paint.. click on "IMAGE" on the tool bar up top.. choose "STRETCH/SKEW

It has an option for the "horizontal" and "vertical" percentages that start out at 100 percent.. I changed the 100 percent to 40 on both and clicked "OK" and saved it and thats what ya have..

bump for a great guy... :thumb:
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Thanks Chris !!!! Now lets turbo the Rampage..
ive uninstalled the windsheild to have the tiny rust hole repaired under where the windsheild goes.. gadda save up some money to do it tho because I just got back from Oregon and have some bills that were waitin for me when I got back.. Then its go time! :)
hope its someone local! :)
Just mail me my helpers fee LOL
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