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85 shelby charger t1

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hi i really need help i have this beautiful 85 shelby charger t1 and i cant figure out why it has no spark i have no power going to the coil i tried puting stright power to the coil but that just dumped gas stright into my engine i dont know what to do i love the car so much but she just dont wanna run
i have replaced the airbox the logic mod if you have any idea's please help i need all that i can get :( you can e mail me at
[email protected]
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please help i need my baby
on my 85 charger it was the power module that was the culprit. That is what the air goes through as it enters the engine compartment. Can you score one from the junkyard 7 plug it in to see? Some electric auutomotive shops can repair yours if it is toastI would also check if any fusible links, Fuses, loose conectors . Do you have a manual for the car? I was able to rebuild most of my turbo-1 system from a haynes. pretty handy.
sexyman432 said:
please help i need my baby
Hook up a light between the + side of the coil and ground. Unhook the battery for a short while and hook it back up again (this will reset your computer). When you first turn the key to the ignition setting, the light should come on for a second and then turn off. This tells you that the logic module is running and that the power module's ASD circuit is OK.

Next crank the engine. when the engine is turning the light should come back on and stay on as long as the engine cranks or runs.

If the light stays on, then it may be fuel or coil related. If the light does not stay on, then it may be the pickup.

Try this first.
Check For Codes
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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